Bill Danforth's American Nomad Super Bowl Contest Finals - 30 Minute Ordered Jam Format.

Video Highlights Click Here (file is 12Mb-- Quicktime 7 needed )

I hadn't planned on shooting this. A group of us got an RV to go down and check out the contest and skate both the Novi Modern park and Simplicity in Canton. After a great session at Simplicity we rolled out to Modern, once we got there and saw the level of riding going down, I decided to break out the XL1 and shoot some footage.

Final Results

1. Benji Galloway
2. Branden Martin
3. Morgan Burgess (11years old!)
4. Garold Vallie
5. Michael Owen
6. Matt Fredericks
7. Dan Fluharty
8. Donovan Rice
9. Jeff Cook
10. Brewce Martin








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